[Re:11] Bug report

Posted on : June 06, 2017 (Tue) 13:17:49

by 池田敦俊

Dear Mr. DUONG,

I know this topic is rather old, but since no clear answer is written, I will show my solution.
Probably I had the same problem as yours.
Some parts of my .spc file is like this
56.9546721 94.9028466 165.5205792 292.3944519
737.2307654 136.4934815 57.1074870 41.0239120
Spaces are missing in the second line.
This happens when the value has 12 digits or more.

I overcame this problem by changing the 65th line of source/wrtspc.f.
Initially it is
30 write(26+is,'(1x,500f12.7)')(dble(spctrl(k,kp)),kp=1,nk3).
I changed it to
30 write(26+is,'(1x,500f13.7)')(dble(spctrl(k,kp)),kp=1,nk3).
If your .spc file has some value with more than 13 digits, you should change the line to
30 write(26+is,'(1x,500f14.7)')(dble(spctrl(k,kp)),kp=1,nk3).

I hope this post helps.