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Posted on : November 03, 2016 (Thu) 17:13:34

by Administrator

Minor updates of cpa2002v009c have been made. All users are urged to switch to the latest version available at
Several small bug fixes as well as replacement of some subroutines have been made.

Following compilers are supported:
1) Intel fortran compiler: ifort v16.0.0 or later
2) Intel fortran compiler: ifort v15.x.x or earlier
3) gfortran

Chose a suitable compiler in the "makefile".

If your compiler is different from the above, modify "fort", "flag", "omp", and "nomp" suitably. In such cases, you also might have to modify the subroutine "setomp"(source/setomp.f). If the number of threads is not properly reflected in the computation, you should give the appropriate number of thread in the subroutine "numcor" (source/numcor.f). If OpenMP is not available in your system, set both "omp" and "nomp" as blank in makefile.

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